The Art of Questioning

30 Maxims of Cross Examination

Written for seasoned attorneys, novices and laymen. This classic volume reveals step-by-step how lawyers and non-lawyers can learn to ask the right questions and get the answer they want. Brown shows how effective inquiry is a skill that can be learned to gain success in almost any line of endeavor.


"If I were guilty, having read this book, I would hate to be cross-examined by Peter Brown."
William F. Buckley, Jr.

"Peter Megargee Brown's delightful collection of tips on questioning for the litigating attorney should be almost as much fun for the layman. It is full of wisdom and shrewd insights and the chapters read like short plays."
Louis Auchincloss

"This book will provide enlightenment for lawyers and laymen."
Milton S. Gould
Author and lawyer

"Peter Megargee Brown’s observations about the neglected art of questioning should be required reading."
Arnold Guy Fraiman
Retired Justice of the Supreme Court of
The State of New York