September 2004

Dear Friend

As you know by now, I love all seasons, and every day. September is an especially happy month for me because Peter and I fell in love in September. As the song reminds us, “Try to remember that day in September and follow, follow, follow …”

This September is a thrilling month, packed with great activities and happiness. Brooke Stoddard, my younger daughter, is getting married on her birthday, September 17th, to Anthony Mott. We love him and have never known Brooke to be happier. They truly have found their other half.

The small family wedding will be at Calvary Church on Church Street in Stonington Village, followed by a dinner dance at a favorite restaurant where Peter and I go for lunch overlooking the harbor. The wedding is in the early evening so we can sip champagne on the dock with a spectacular sunset before going inside to toast the bride and groom, eat delicious food, soak in the beauty of the flowers and decorations, and dance the night away to Brooke and Anthony’s favorite tunes. How grand is that!

Being the mother of the bride is a blessing to behold. All the memories of raising Brooke surface, all the fun mother-daughter games. We celebrate each day of their engagement (Valentine’s Day, here in Stonington) and bless their marriage completely. Having our twin grandchildren in the wedding as flower girl and ring bearer, gathering together with Brooke’s closest friends (going back to Park Avenue Christian Church Day School 30 years ago this month) and family will be a joyful experience.

For those of you who came to one of the Happiness Weekends at the Stonington Inn, you can visualize the wedding party staying at the inn. Because we took over the whole inn, children are allowed so Anna and Nicholas and Lily will stay at the inn with Alexandra and Peter Scott, so my Peter and I can have some precious private times with Brooke before the wedding. The “grands” will come over to the cottage for their meals and play time.

The “house painting” project is coming along. The window boxes are up on the front of the house. Soon the shutters will be hung. A tight timeframe, but the paint will be dry before the wedding.

I’m excited about my Labor Day weekend workshop at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. Three and a half days of exploring beauty from every aspect of life. We’re then going out to Aurora, Illinois, for a book festival the weekend of September 11th, the weekend before the wedding. These are busy, exciting times.

The week after the wedding our cottage will be photographed for a new wonderful magazine, Cottage Living. I’ll keep you posted when that comes out on the newsstand. The end of September, Peter runs a large luncheon in New York City for the Riot Relief Fund. He’s been president for 30 years. This is the 141st annual meeting where grants are given throughout the year to firefighters and police officers and their families. This is always a meaningful experience.

My writing is going well. The man who inspired me as a writer died in August and I feel his spirit guiding me as I write Time Alive: Celebrate Your Life Every Day. My editor came up to spend the day with us and is pleased with the enthusiasm and progress. I am truly passionate about writing and each day brings me more joy than words can describe. The process, the living, the doing, the writing, the surprises, the intensity of my work is exhilarating.

In closing, I want to remind you that Things I Want My Daughters to Know comes out SOON. Check your local bookstore to see when copies are available. Also, remember I will be on book tour all fall. Please keep checking the calendar for locations and dates. If you have a favorite charity and want to do a fundraiser in your community, please let us know.

I receive some awesome letters from readers. I’m happy to share one with you on this month’s Website. Ah, how sweet it is to be reminded that our lives touch others in positive, uplifting ways.

Happy September. “Follow, Follow, Follow …”

I received this sweet letter addressed as follows: Alexandra Stoddard, Somewhere on Water Street, Stonington, Connecticut, New England, U.S.A.

Dear Alexandra,
Years ago I wrote a letter to you -- the envelope was similarly addressed as this one. I know you received it as I had a sweet reply - and now I hope you receive this!
With a couple of acceptions I have read all of your books, and through them found help and understanding of myself. You gave me the key, and I have unlocked the door to living a beautiful life, in all senses.. -- I have not always found it easy. The door was heavy, and the lock rusty. I did not give a quick turn of the key and a gentle push on the door. It took a long time and many times the door slammed back at me.
I began to have grave doubts about your optimism -- your joy. I questioned how you could possibly pack so much into your life and maintain the apparent serenity -- I became filled with doubt. The books went on a high shelf. I told myself I simply could not live my life like that. But I could not ignore you. Down came the books. I read them again and again. I applied your advice and suggestions and absorbed the wonderful quotations. I found that I could turn the key and push the door wide open!
I am 69 years of age -- grandmother of 6 and have a wonderful husband but I am obviously a late developer!
In 1995, John (my husband) and I had a wonderful holiday in New England in the fall. We had chosen a route to include author's and artist's homes. We had a perfect day in Stonington -- lunching at "The Yellow House" and purchasing a copy of "Flights of Memory" which we both enjoyed.
Thank you Alexandra -- your loving spirit and wise words have opened the door to a life for me which is warm in friendship, illuminated with beauty and rich in love.
Signed Jean from West Midlands, England.

Love & Live Happy

Book of the Month: Things I Want My Daughters to Know: A Small Book about the Big Issues in Life is due in your bookstore any minute! HarperCollins $19.95

Stonington, Connecticut

Peter and I can both look out the window at the harbor from our desks in our study.

Alexandra's dreamy view from her writing desk!

Alexandra and her Roses!

Alexandra and Peter enjoying a sunny day in Stonington!

Happy Birthday Mary Ann on September 6th! One of my favorite rooms in the world -- at the home of dear friends. Notice the painting over the fireplace. My book jacket photograph was taken in front of this painting by Roger Muhl.

Mrs. Brown's Table

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Grace Note

There is always more we can create. We are co-creators with infinite intelligence and literally endless potential. Live with passion to express all the goodness in you.